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Testnet Goals

The goals below is a simplified representation of the Key Results listed in our Release OKR
Build and release an on-chain forum

The final platform will have built in multiple ways of facilitating easy and secure public, and private, communication and information sharing among members. The forum is the first step allowing the platform members to communicate, share ideas and discuss.

Rebuild and release the storage node

Where the old storage node had some bugs making it unable to sync between clients and required a hardcoded liaison, the new storage node is working as intended with no hierarchy or privileges.

In Progress
Ensure high uptime of storage providers

Both content creators and consumers user experience depends on various metrics, but perhaps the most important is that the storage node they connect to responds to their request. Whether or not this goal is achieved depends on both the reliability of the software, a good reporting system and corrective actions from multiple parties.

Build the storage node with "tranches"

Although the content directory is currently small, at some point it's not feasible to expect all storage providers to have full replication of all the content. Tranches would allow storage providers to select a subset of the content directory, suitable to their capabilities.

Roles available on the current testnet

Map data ©2019 Google

Acropolis of Athens

The Acropolis is a citadel on a hill in the heart of Athens. It was also at the heart of Ancient Greece, a powerful civilization and empire. Acropolis is famous for its ancient buildings, architecture, historical significance and is one of the main tourist attractions of Athens. It is on UNESCOs list "World Heritage Sites".

We chose the name as we had to scale back our ambitions for the next testnet after some issues with the release of Athens. Thus, Acropolis can be considered a sub-release, despite including some new features not intended for Athens.

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