Constantinople Network

The Constantinople testnet introduces an improved proposals system and fiat-backed token model for participant compensation.

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Testnet Goals

The goals listed below are a simplified representation of our main objectives for the Constantinople testnet.

in progress

Launch a new proposal system

The constantinople testnet is built around the introduction of a proposal system that strengthens the governance structure of the platform, shifting the day to day responsibility of monitoring the network and allocating resources to voters and the council.

in progress

Introduce a fiat-backed token model

Constantinople introduces a new incentive structure, with a fiat (USD) pool backing the testnet tokens, setting up a more realistic economic system for the platform.

Incentivized Roles for the Constantinople Network

Content Creator

- run this role on Constantinople

Content Curator

- run this role on Constantinople


- run this role on Constantinople

Council Member

- run this role on Constantinople

Storage Provider

- run this role on Constantinople

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Constantinople was the capital city of the Eastern Roman Empire during the fourth century. It was famed for its massive and complex defences as well as its architectural masterpieces and opulent aristocratic palaces. As was the case with the city, we hope our Constantinople testnet will be a worthy successor to Rome.

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