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Testnet Goals

The goals below are a simplified representation of the Key Results listed in our Release OKR


Build a dynamic, flexible and user friendly content directory

The Rome testnet is built around the introduction of a new content directory, that can be added to, modified and improved without requiring runtime upgrades. All key results and goals are derived from this.


Populate the content directory with a variety of content

Rome introduces a Content Directory system that is both built to last, yet still meant to be continuously improved on. We will pay for Content Creators to upload a variety of content and we hope to learn a lot from the results.


Introduce the new Content Curator role

With a new Content Directory, and incentives to upload content, we need monitoring. The Content Curators will require staking, and will be paid in both testnet tokens and Monero.


Add Content Creator profiles

Without Content Creators, there won't be any content. Granted, adding another level on top of the membership requirement may seem like a hurdle, but it will allow users to upload with multiple profiles.

Incentivized Roles for the Rome Network

Content Creator

- run this role on Alexandria

Content Curator

- run this role on Alexandria


- run this role on Alexandria

Council Member

- run this role on Alexandria

Storage Provider

- run this role on Alexandria

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Rome was the capital of the great Roman Empire during its peak. As with previous testnet names, the Roman Empire and Rome was another important step in the rise of democracy, the rule of law, and modern governance structures.

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