Joystream Brand Story

Joystream offers a modern, experimental solution to the problem of accountable governance in digital media. Our objective is to build a user-governed video platform with a strong sense of community and freedom.


The Website


Our brand identity consists of few key visual elements: our logo, typeface, illustrations, patterns, colour palette and iconography.

Each of these elements has a meaningful role in brand identity as established in the guidelines. But combining all of these components builds much more than just a visual experience.

Joystream branding is a powerful tool for communication with all of its users throughout their whole experience.

Fundamentally, our effort is an experimental one; we do not have all the answers, and we want to be honest about that in our communication.

We are not promising cheaper, faster or nicer, like one typically would when selling a consumer widget or service. Instead we have hope that we can build something more empowering and accountable through our process of experimentation.

Lastly, at the core of our vision is governance, so what we are building is never finished; we are only constructing the first piece. It is a dynamic effort we hope communities will carry forward in amazing ways, we are just providing the first set of tools.

Explaining the Brand

Our new branding is about finding good balance between a very simplistic tone of communication with the symbolism and complexity of modern world problems and technologies.

Our branding uses mosaic, geometrical patterns and shapes combined with explicit colours and symbolic illustrations.

We also deploy descriptive icons in combination with simple glyph style system icons and an experimental illustration style.


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