The video platform DAO

Joystream is a video platform controlled,
owned, and operated by its users

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Here’s everything you need to know about Joystream and how to get started earning $JOY tokens

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Our brand new and unparalleled community token distribution scheme

Become a Founding Member to earn mainnet tokens and influence the development of the platform.

Become a Founding member and have a tangible impact on the development of our platform.

Our motivation for building the Joystream protocol

We call for an arrangement where media platforms are accountable to the people they impact.

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Two fast evolving apps for consuming content and governance activities.

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Atlas is the flagship content consumer and publishing app for Joystream. Watch videos, follow creators and discover new featured content, or create a channel and build your audience.


Pioneer is the place to participate in community governance and operation. Vote on elections, submit proposals to fund your project or get enter a paid role to power the platform.

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Road to mainnet

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Current testnet

Released on 11.05.2022

Rhodes testnet

Rhodes is our thirteenth testnet, enabling the launch of video NFTs.


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