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Built on and operated by the Joystream blockchain and DAO.

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video playing on atlas

Rewards for publishing your videos

Publish your videos to get cash rewards from the Joystream DAO council on a regular basis. More popular videos receive greater rewards.

row of nfts

Monetise your videos as NFTs with royalties

Turn your videos into NFTs and put them up for sale. Choose between fixed price, open auction, and timed auction. Define royalties to get a cut every time your NFT gets sold again.

“This should be the greatest time
in history for creative people. And I think we might have finally figured it out.”

Chris Dixon, entrepreneur and investor

The Tim Ferris Show podcast

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Coming early 2023

Make your community
a stakeholder in your future

Turn viewers into evangelists by letting them hold a share in your channel when they buy your own channel token.

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(creator) token tab on atlas, showing a video and the status of your token (right)
popup allowing you to buy/sell creator token

Sell on your terms

Have your token supply follow the demand effortlessly with the Automated Market Maker, or go with Custom Sale to decide on the exact terms you want your token to be traded on.


A weekly stream of revenue to support your work

Patronage gives you the power to earn regular annual token supply, as a compensation for your effort in curating the community and managing token economics.

patronage (how many tokens you wish to receive based on the supply of your tokens on the market) slider popup that goes from 0% to 30%
in the foreground: popup with graph of some asset and on top it says: "Buy $TRS", in the background: second part of the same popup, allows you to buy the asset

Yes to whitelists & vesting schedules.
No to monkey business.

Whitelisting allows you to control who can get access, and with vesting schedules for yourself and others, you can make everyone aligned and focused on the future.


Due to network effects, economies of scale, regulations and political interests, we are today left with handful of massive institutions.


Have a hand in shaping the future of Joystream.
Join our DAO.

Pioneer is the place to participate in community governance and operation. Vote on elections, submit proposals or enter a paid role to support the platform growth.

Go to Pioneer
joystream governance product, open on tab working groups, outlining the currently available groups

We’re building
Joystream to set it free

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