The JOY token

$JOY, being Joystream’s native token, is used to govern and keep the network secured. It’s used as a currency in all dApps built on Joystream.

Current trading price of the token with a trend chart and percentage change from the previous week.


0% Last week

Market cap
Total market capitalization, calculated as the current price multiplied by the circulating supply of tokens.


Circulating supply
The total number of tokens currently in circulation in the market.


The theoretical market capitalization if the total supply of tokens were in circulation, calculated as the current price times the total supply.


Total supply
The total amount of tokens that exist in the market, including those not currently circulating.



Where can you store JOY?

You can keep your JOY tokens on a number of existing wallets depending on your platform of choice.

The list of wallets is yet to grow. Check back soon for more wallets allowing for storing JOY tokens.

Instantly buy or sell JOY

Buy or sell JOY tokens effortlessly using the ChangeNOW extension.

No sign up


Only 2-3 minutes

900+ cryptos supported


How can you earn JOY?

There are many options to earn the JOY token. A wide variety of rewardable activities makes it easy for anyone to find a task they can enjoy. After all, it's the token's name.

As a creator

Publish videos

Partake in DAO council rewards scheme or get compensation for YT sync programme.

Learn more

Sell your videos as NFTs

Mint and sell NFTs on any of the available Apps via fixed price sale, timed or open auctions.

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Set up your creator token

Mint your very own tokens and sell them to your audience or put them on the market (coming soon).

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Browse apps

As a DAO participant

Become a Gateway Operator

Run your own instance of Atlas and get rewarded for new channels and content attribution.

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Join a Working Group

Earn stable income for doing part time work for the DAO.

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Validate and Stake

Stake your tokens on one of the trusted validators or become one yourself.

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Join DAO

What can you do with the JOY token?

Holding on to your JOY tokens opens up a world of exciting opportunities for engaging with the Joystream community.

Be part of a Working Group

Staking some of JOY tokens opens up possibility to earn more by doing work for the DAO.

Invest in creators

Purchase creator tokens and partake in revenue share schemes or resell on the market (coming soon).

Publish videos

JOY tokens are required to cover transaction fees of adding records to the blockchain.

Nominate validators

Delegate your tokens to the trusted validators and earn passive income on your JOY tokens while providing stability to the project.

Participate in elections

Impact project governance by staking your tokens for council candidates during elections.

Interact with others

Interactions are recoded on the blockchain and creator's reputation follows them to every app built on it.

Engage in proposals

Create proposals for council to vote on and impact the future of the project directly.


How is the JOY supply changing?

As with all other tokens, some events can increase (mint) and decrease (burn) the number of JOY tokens in the pool.

JOY tokens are minted when...

Validators are rewarded for their work

Validators are rewarded for running nodes with the newly minted tokens.

Councilors, workers and leads are paid out

Council elects, work groups leads and workers get paid regular salary defined by council.

Creators are being rewarded for publishing high quality content

Council rewards scheme is in operation, rewarding best performing channels on a regular basis.

Joystream-based applications are being recognized and rewarded

Gateway attribution rewards scheme incentives put in place for the App operators to grow the engagement.

Financing spending proposals and bounties

Financing proposals to remunerate misc parts of the platform operations also result in new tokens minted.

JOY tokens are burned when...

A creator token is sold

Platform fees apply and get burned from each sale transaction with creator tokens.

An NFT is sold

Platform fees apply to each NFT transaction.

Application fee is charged

Running your own Application comes with the fee paid to the DAO that gets burned, increasing token value.

New content is published

Transaction fees taken on channels, content creation and interaction gets fully burned.

Transaction fee burning

All transactions pay a fee for the block space and compute that they cost to execute, and 20% of this fee is burned.

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