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Growth and Engagement

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User Engagement
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Joystream Creators

Payments are made in JOY tokens

One Protocol,
a Universe of Applications

Joystream is an open-source platform built on blockchain. It supports multiple video streaming apps at once. Videos uploaded on any Joystream app can be seen by users of other apps, helping creators grow their audience.

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Gleev is where content meets innovation. Creators are given unparalleled freedom to create the content they want, powered by the unique possibilities of NFTs and Creator Tokens.



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We've just launched, so our app collection is yet to grow. Check back soon for more exciting apps built on Joystream.


Launch your own video app

Spinning up your very own app was never easier before. Configurable feature set, no-code approach, and support from the DAO lowers the set up barriers and lets you focus on your mission instead.

1git clone https://github.com/Joystream/atlasgit clone https://github.com/Joystream/atlasatlas
2cd atlas
3yarn install
4yarn atlas:dev
6// this is where you're stepping in 🚀// this is where you'restepping in 🚀




Pick a name, logo & content theme. Update the design and make it yours.




Make your webapp available to the world on your domain.




Build a community of creators and consumers around your business model.




Get paid a share of the value the creators and audience generates.


Powerful New Value Capture Tools

All apps built from the Atlas open source codebase offer new tools built into Joystream blockchain that helps 99.9% of creators not served by ad-model.

row of nfts

Video monetisation with NFT sales and royalties

Videos can be turned into NFT minted on the Joystream network and put up for sale. Creators can choose between fixed price, open auction, and timed auction. With royalties, creators can get a cut every time their NFT is sold again on any app in the network.


Rewards for
publishing videos

Publishing videos can get creators cash rewards from the Joystream DAO council on a regular basis. Greater rewards are given to videos that demonstrate outstanding quality and creativity.

my payments tab in atlas studio

It’s time for the community to become channels' main stakeholder

Viewers can be turned into evangelists by holding a share in their favorite channels upon purchasing a channel token.

(creator) token tab on atlas, showing a video and the status of your token (right)
popup allowing you to buy/sell creator token

Creator mint sell on their own terms

Token supply can follow the demand effortlessly with the Automated Market Maker, while the Custom Sale gives a creator complete control over the terms the token is traded on.

popup allowing you to buy/sell creator token

A stable stream of tokens every year

Patronage gives creators the power to earn a regular annual token supply as compensation for their effort in curating the community and managing token economics.

popup allowing you to buy/sell creator token

Yes to allowlists & vesting schedules. No to monkey business.

Allowlists put creators in charge of controlling the access to their token, and with vesting schedules (for both creators and buyers) everyone can get aligned and focused on the future.

popup allowing you to buy/sell creator token

Support favourites and earn together.
Scout for future starts.

Everyone can support creators to receive a portion of their revenue. Creators can reward their audience by sharing some of their channel's earnings.


Builders Grant Program

If you are a developer - you can get a grant, development support, business model support and more.

Sign up for program

Join our DAO.

Pioneer is the place to participate in community governance and operation. Vote on elections, submit proposals or enter a paid role to support the platform growth.

Go to Pioneer
joystream governance product, open on tab working groups, outlining the currently available groups


Everything you ever wanted to know in one place

A dynamic and comprehensive dashboard with an up to date view on Joystream.


Where to buy and sell JOY?

Lists trading markets for JOY, the current 24-hour trading volume, and the capital needed to move the price by 2%.

Release schedule

A graph showing the release of JOY tokens into circulation from the genesis block to when all tokens will be fully circulated. Note: The vesting happens linearly (i.e., a chunk of JOY is released every block or every ~6 seconds).

Months after launch date: 09 Dec 2022

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Highlights several of Joystream's most significant investors. The complete list includes over 40 backers.

Final venture round

At its final venture round in March of 2022, Joystream raised $5.85 million which brought the total fundraise to $13 million at a $60 million valuation.


FDV Valuation | Q1 2021


Decentralized Creator Platform Joystream Raises $5.8M

The Substrate-based platform allows creators to sell their videos as NFTs and turn their channels into tokens.

Read article

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Featured followers

Joystream Twitter account's most prominent followers.

Open events

Upcoming events on Joystream’s official Discord server.


Working groups

A working group is an organizational body, subject to the oversight of the council, which is responsible for the day-to-day functioning of some subsystem of the Joystream platform. There is exactly one working group per subsystem.


Jsgenesis is the company and legal entity initially responsible for building and developing the Joystream platform. Our role is to build the infrastructure, network and tools so that the users have a reliable foundation to keep the project running.


Bedeho Mender






Mokhtar Naamani








1. New Exchange Listings

Outreach & discussions with additional cryptocurrency exchanges to provide users with more options for trading the JOY token.


2. Ethereum Bridge

Development & deployment of a bridging solution on Joystream that will allow for interoperability with Ethereum. In this first version, the goal would be to make JOY accessible on the Ethereum mainnet as an ERC20 token, from which it could be bridged further to other L2s and side-chains. This would allow JOY to be traded, custodied and used with a much wider set of tools.


3. Content Recommendations - v2

Surfacing personalized content for a consumer is a key requirement for any content platform. Key product experiences like home screens, feeds and related content, all depend on having modern Machine learning based content recommendation system. Currently Orion has no infrastructure to produce or serve such recommendations, and app recommendations are being done entirely client-side. The goal of this milestone is to ship the first recommendation capability in Orion, to make Joystream apps much more


4. Progressive Web App for Atlas/Gleev

Development of a progressive web app for Atlas/Gleev that will allow for the app to be installed on user’s smartphones without having to go through app stores.


5. Transcoding & Adaptive Streaming

Users access content across a wide range of browser, devices, applications and also under heterogeneous and dynamic bandwidth constraints. As it stands, only a single version of each media asset is represented in our metadata standards and backend node software. This means have now way to represent a broad range of encodings and resolutions for media assets, let alone produce all of these. Introducing server-side transcoding in Orion will unlock this, and many other future benefits that come from server-side post-processing (thumbnail extractions, auto-subtitling, etc.). It will also unlock the ability to do adaptive streaming, where a user with a dynamic connection can more quickly see asset resolve and play, and also be able to watch videos under suboptimal circumstances.


6. Metamask Snap Development

The development of a “Metamask Snap” plugin that will enable Joystream assets to be usable by Metamask users.


7. New Wallets - v2

Implementations with external wallet providers such as hardware & software wallet providers (Tangem, Ledger)


8. API-less YouTube Sync

This functionality would enable for channels to sync to Joystream via our YouTube Partner Program without relying on YouTube’s API.


9. Creator Rewards Program

Objective of the program is to offer creators a broader range of activities to be rewarded for. Overall the focus of rewards is shifting from rewards for syncing to holistic engagement and driving the platform growth. As part of the rewards program creators are offered the opportunity to maximize rewards by posting original content to Gleev App ahead of other platforms, and further with utilizing Gleev branding assets. Promoting their channel's NFTs and Tokens on social media and actively participating in the creator's community opens up more additional opportunities for monetizing engagement with Joystream platform.


10. Ambassador Program Expansion - v2

Further expansion of our Ambassador program which will include more recruitment and funding for content and engagement by creators.


1. New Exchange Listings

Outreach & discussions with additional cryptocurrency exchanges to provide users with more options for trading the JOY token.


2. Playlists

A key primitive for organizing content is through playlists. We have developed designs and metadata formats for this a long time ago, but in this milestone we will finally ship the ability for publishing and consuming playlists.


3. Premium Video Comments & Tips

Add functionality for users to leave comments on videos with a tip attached to them that will be sent to the channel owner. This will also enable functionality for users to tip channels and videos directly.


4. Staking Nomination Pools

Implementation of on-chain nomination pools which will allow for users to far more easily and quickly stake the JOY token for pooled rewards from other users. This will also provide an important revenue stream for wallet developers and make the Joystream project more attractive to be featured on wallets.


5. Social Collaboration Features

The power of Web3 is in the community ownership and leveraging the network effects. Gleev will offer new ways to organise community based on content verticals and individual channels, adding more utility and new use cases for Creator Tokens and Joy tokens. Channel token holders will be offered exclusive ways to connect with creators, and social feed will empower viewers to co-curate the platform's trending content, gain exposure on the platform and earn JOY tokens for active participation.


6. Creator Token Improvements

Various improvements to creator token functionality such as the addition of public sales, whitelisting and transfer of creator tokens.


1. New Exchange Listings

Outreach & discussions with additional cryptocurrency exchanges to provide users with more options for trading the JOY token.


2. Video Communities - v1

Launching a new application for your community using Atlas currently requires a lot of deep technical knowledge. You have to obtain hosting and a domain, start the service, configure it, and then maintain it. This is quite difficult. The goal of this milestone is to create the Reddit to phpBB, in terms of the experience of a prospective community creator and moderator. One requires substantially more work and skill. By instead offering a fully hosted and simple point-and-click feature, we can make it orders of magnitude easier to allow third parties to invite their communities to use Joystream.


3. Joystream SDK

Building on top of Joystream today is still a challenging experience. There are no robust libraries or builder documentation for application development. Offering an excellent experience for developer to build apps, and not just use Atlas off-the shelf, will require a significant investment in building out the SDK. This milestone has as a goal to extract the core of key existing applications, like Atlas and Pioneer, and then to synthesize it all into a new core developer experience, with a suite of excellent tutorials, documentation, examples and also active outreach.


4. Content Infrastructure: Authentication & Authorization

Proper monetization, both for the DAO and individual creators, depends on being able to practically restrict access to content, or make access conditional. Currently, the infrastructure has no awareness of who the consumer is, or the semantics around what the content is, or any associated authorization policy. The goal of this milestone is to introduce basic authentication and authorization at the content layer, enforced by content delivery nodes. This will allow features such as gating videos to only NFT holders for example.


5. dApp Operator/Developer Grants & Support

Development of a grants program to attract dApp operators and developers to build on the Joystream platform and build our ecosystem.


6. Bounties Module

Development & deployment of an on-chain bounty management module that will enable bounties to be posted and crowdfunded by users including oracle selection and reward splitting. The council will also have the unique feature of being able to fund bounties that it selects for being of benefit to the platform via the council treasury.


7. Premium Content Gating Features

This feature will allow for content creators to restrict access for content to users unless they pay a fee, enabling another revenue stream for premium content.


8. Native Mobile App Development

Development of a native mobile app for major smartphone platforms.

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