the JOY token

The Joystream Network Token (JOY) will be a fundamental component of the platform once it is live, playing a role in governance, staking and as a method of payment.

Purpose of the Token


Participants must stake some amount of tokens to be able to participate on the platform in some operational role, for example in order to earn a reward. These staked funds may be slashed if the party misbehaves in this role.


Tokens can be used to make decisions on the platform by voting in Joystream's built-in democratic processes.


Value transfer, such as for transaction fees, memberships or accessing monetised content.

Circulating Token Supply

Unlike cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, where there is a fixed inflation schedule, the Joystream platform will mint and burn tokens according to rules and parameters which are subject to change.

This, in combination with the low friction associated with the updating of the system rules, means that it is not possible to determine the token supply up front.

Token Acquisition

The JOY token does not yet exist. In the meantime however, you can join our currently active testnet and earn real money, while learning what is required to participate when we are live on mainnet.

Join the current testnet

Allocation of Tokens

The initial allocation of this token in the main network launch is as given below. This means that when the system starts, the allocation of token will first look like this, but tokens will get minted at every block, which will dilute this set of initial stakeholders.
50% Team + Investors
30% Future Community Members
20% Early Community Members


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